Product information

Scrubs / Peelings

Brand/ConcernProducerProduct nameIngredient
ApivitaApivita S.A.Deep exfoliating cream with olivePolyethylene (PE);
ApivitaApivita S.A.Express every day face scrub with apricotPolyethylene (PE);
ApivitaApivita S.A.Gentle exfoliating gel with apricotPolyethylene (PE);
ApivitaApivita S.A.Intensive exfoliating cream with olivePolyethylene (PE);
Apot Care ApoT.Care ParisRadiant exfoliating cleanserPolyethylene (PE);
AveenoJohnson & JohnsonPositively radiant skin brightening daily scrubPolyethylene (PE);
BiodermaLa société LABORATOIRE BIODERMASebium exfoliating purifying gelPolyethylene (PE);
BioréKao CorporationWarming anti-blackhead cleanserPolyethylene (PE);
Clean & ClearJohnson & JohnsonBlackhead clearing cleanserPolyethylene (PE);
Clean & ClearJohnson & JohnsonMorning burst - skin brightening facial scrubPolyethylene (PE);
Clean & ClearJohnson & JohnsonMorning burst - oil free facial scrubPolyethylene (PE);
Clean & ClearJohnson & JohnsonDeep action in-shower facialPolyethylene (PE);
Clean & ClearJohnson & JohnsonMorning burst - shine control facial scrubPolyethylene (PE);
Clean & ClearJohnson & JohnsonDeep action exfoliating scrubPolyethylene (PE);
DermaveeniNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty LimitedDaily nourish facial exfoliatorNylon;
Dr LewinnsMEDA Pharmaceuticals LtdFacial polishing gel gentle exfoliantPolyethylene (PE);
Eau Thermale AvènePierre Fabre LtdGentle purifying scrubPolyethylene (PE);
Eau Thermale AvènePierre Fabre LtdCleanance K cream gelPolymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA);
Eau Thermale AvènePierre Fabre LtdCleanance Masque désincrustantPolyethylene (PE);
Elizabeth ArdenElizabeth Arden Inc.Visible difference skin balancing exfoliating cleanserPolyethylene (PE);
Elizabeth ArdenElizabeth Arden Inc.Ceramide line smoothing exfoliatorPolyethylene (PE);
Ella BachéHallas Trading Co Pty LtdGommage délicatPolyethylene (PE);
Every Man JackEvery Man JackFace scrubPolyethylene (PE);
Formula 10.0.6Bonne Bell, Inc.Three times sublime - 3 in 1 blackhead wash, scrub, maskPolyethylene (PE);
Grace and ColeGrace and Cole LtdCoconut and lime body scrubPolyethylene (PE);
InnoxaInnoxaAnti-aging exfoliatorPolyethylene (PE);
Kate SomervilleKate Somerville Skincare, LLC.ExfoliKate - Gentle exfoliating treatmentPolyethylene (PE);
Kate SomervilleKate Somerville Skincare, LLC.ExfoliKate - Intensive exfoliating treatmentPolyethylene (PE);
Medik8PangaeaDaily scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonRapid clear - blackhead eliminating daily scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonPore refining exfoliating cleanserPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonOil-free acne wash daily scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonOil-free acne wash pink grapefruit foaming scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonOil-free acne stress control power-clear scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonFresh foaming scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonDeep clean - long last shine shine control daily scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonDeep clean - invigorating foaming scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonDeep clean - gentle scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonDeep clean - brightening mulberry gentle exfoliating foaming scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonMen razor defense face scrubPolyethylene (PE);
NeutrogenaJohnson & JohnsonDeep clean - revitalising pink grapefruit daily scrubPolyethylene (PE);
OLOSAlfaparf GroupThalasso exfoliating facial paste with oyster shell powderPolyethylene (PE);
OXYMentholatum Australasia Pty LtdFor men maximum deep pore face scrubPolyethylene (PE);
OXYMentholatum Australasia Pty LtdDaily defense exfoliating face scrubPolyethylene (PE);
Peter Thomas RothPeterThomasRoth Labs, LLCLaser-free retexturizerPolyethylene (PE);
QVQV SkincareFace exfoliating polishNylon; Polyethylene (PE);
ShiseidoShiseido Co., LtdRevital cleansing foam 1Polyethylene (PE);
ShiseidoShiseido Co., LtdDeep cleansing scrub (for men)Polyethylene (PE);
ShiseidoShiseido Co., LtdRefining body exfoliator Polyethylene (PE);
SisleySisley CosmeticsGentle facial buffing creamPolyethylene (PE);
SisleySisley CosmeticsBuff and wash facial gelPolyethylene (PE);
Skin Doctors Cat Media Pty LtdPowerbrasionPolyethylene (PE);
StriVectin-SDStriVectinInstant retexturising scrubPolyethylene (PE);


Brand/ConcernProducerProduct nameIngredient
Oral-BProcter & Gamble 3D white brilliant mintPolyethylene (PE);