Home FAQAre microplastics toxic?

Yes and no. As an ingredient in cosmetics, the industry claims that microplastics are not toxic and safe to use. However, there are doubts as to the human and environmental safety of plastic ingredients used in products like sunscreen. Microplastic ingredients, if ingested, could potentially be absorbed by our portal veins, may have access to our organs and transfer through our blood-brain and placental barriers. If you want to know more about the (micro)plastics and their potential health risksvisit Plastic Health Coalition website.

Microplastic ingredients in the sea also attract and absorb toxic chemicals as if they were little magnets and sponges. The particles become polluted and are eaten by fish and other sea animalsthe ingested microplastics can then be passed along the marine food chain. Since humans are ultimately at the top of this chain, it is likely that we also take in microplastics and/or their additives.