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Scrubs / Peelings

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Dr. HauschkaWALA Heilmittel GmbHCleansing creamZero

Facial cleanser

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Shower / Bath

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Bikini Envy Soap/ScrubEnvy U SkincareBikini Envy Soap/Scrub helps with ingrown hairs, inflammation from shaving/waxing and gives pores a deep cleanse whilst leaving your skin hydratedZero
Charcoal Envy Soap/ScrubEnvy U SkincareCharcoal Envy Soap/Scrub reduces itching & irritation whilst keeping your skin hydratedZero
Clear Envy Soap/ScrubEnvy U SkincareClear Envy Soap/Scrub fights acne causing bacteria and gives pores a deep cleanseZero
Java Envy Soap/ScrubEnvy U SkincareJava Envy Soap/Scrub is to calm inflamed skin and keep your skin hydratedZero
Mucho Cocoa Envy Soap/ScrubEnvy U SkincareMucho Cocoa Envy Soap/Scrub helps fight UV damage and assist with circulationZero
V-Natural SoapEnvy U SkincareV-Natural Soap is designed to reduce unpleasant odour, irritation and keep you feminine freshZero
Vanish Envy Soap/ScrubEnvy U SkincareVanish Envy Soap/Scrub is a '2-in-1' self-tan removerZero


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