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Exciting new features of Beat The Microbead app!

Beat The Microbead is delighted to bring you an updated version of the beloved Beat the Microbead app. The app has a more cleaner and stylish look to make your user experience smooth and more enjoyable.

The new BTMB app is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. With adding a number of new regions, we hope that more and more people can now be sure about the environmental safety of their personal care products. The new additions to the BTMB app are:

Mexico          Costa Rica        Guatemala        Nicaragua

Panama        Argentina         Chile                  Colombia

Ecuador        Peru                  Suriname          Uruguay

Venezuela    Cuba            South Africa            Haiti

Dominican Republic

So, go ahead and start scanning your personal care products and start reducing your own plastic footprint.

P.S. We welcome any NGO or organisation from these countries who would be enthusiastic to be our coalition partner and would be willing to help us maintain the database in these respective countries. For further information please email us at [email protected]

Let’s Beat the Microbead and microplastics together!

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