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Release of Position Paper on Microbeads and Microplastics in Cosmetics

On 17th October, Jeroen Dagevos (the Head of Programmes of Plastic Soup Foundation) presented the need for an EU ban on all microplastics in cosmetics at the “Microplastics: Enjoy your meal” press conference in Brussels. Plastic Soup Foundation has drafted a position paper articulating the context and urgency for a EU-wide ban on microplastics in cosmetics. The European Union is urged to:

  1. Consider a ban on not only rinse-off products but also other kinds of cosmetics with microplastic ingredients.
  2. Reconsider the current exception of polymers from registration and evaluation under REACH.
  3. Issue and enforce a new EU regulation to ban all polymer ingredients that are persistent, bioaccumulative and/or toxic to ecosystems.

This position paper is supported and undersigned by 20 organisations from Europe. To read the entire position paper, please click here.  

Sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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