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Do you dare your favourite brands to change? Send a message to them and ask them to stop using microplastics!

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There’s only one question that really matters:

Do you want to use cosmetics with ingredients that harm the planet? If the answer is no, here’s what you can do!

Our latest study shows that 9 out of 10 cosmetic products contain plastic ingredients that pollute the environment irreversibly. For this study on microplastics in cosmetics, we looked into the most popular consumer brands of the 4 biggest cosmetic producers in Europe.

And there’s legislation coming up that will affect regulations for cosmetics and might allow producers to keep using them!

But you can help do something about it. Find your brand below and ask them to stop. #DareToCare

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Plastic: The Hidden Beauty Ingredient

Most cosmetic producers strongly depend on microplastic ingredients. Our research shows that 87% of the products from ten best-selling cosmetics brands in Europe contain microplastics. In terms of regulations for cosmetics, the current restriction proposal to ban ‘intentionally added microplastics’ might have the opposite effect. If certain ingredients are not included in the definition of ‘microplastics’ within the upcoming legislation to restrict intentionally added microplastics, producers will be allowed to keep using them. Scientists are worried about these exclusions as well.In the mood for some stats and figures on the matter? Here’s the full report*.

*Redacted May 25th 2022: Change in some information on pages 7, 34 & 35. A detailed explanation is available on page 58 of the report.

Full Report Here Executive Summary