Home FAQIs it dangerous for my health to use products with microplastics?

We are not sure yet. We do know that microplastics have the potential to do harm to human health. Microplastics can cause inflammation, DNA damage and cellular damage among others. How many microplastics are entering our bodies on a daily basis, and to what extent these accumulate in our bodies is still uncertain. Microplastics have however been found in many different products (e.g. seafood, water, fruit and vegetables) and in indoor and outdoor air. We eat, drink and breathe microplastics every day. Plastics have been found in human placentas and blood. Considering all this, our dependency on plastics including in our personal care products must be greatly reduced.

If you want to know more about the (micro)plastics and their potential health risks, visit Plastic Health Coalition website.
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