Beat the Microbead App

A great moment for the BTMB campaign was the launch of the international Beat the Microbead app in 2013 during a UNEP convention in Jamaica. Our ‘Beat the Microbead’ app initially sought to create a database of cosmetic and personal care products and to see how many of the available products on the market contain microbeads as well as which ingredients are most used. 

With this app, we want to spread our knowledge to consumers while creating a base that makes it easier to grasp the vastness of the microplastics issue. It is the fastest way to know if your cosmetic and care products contain plastic ingredients: download the app here! 

Look for the Zero

We want to spread awareness about microplastics in cosmetics, but we also want to present a solution. That’s why we certify brands that do not use plastic ingredients in their products. in this way, we show consumers that there are alternatives available and we show producers that it is possible to make quality products without using microplastics. 

Want to see which brands are certified under our ‘Zero Plastic Inside’ certification? Have a look: Look for the Zero.