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"German cosmetic industry does not phase out"

A German report based on the investigation of > 100.000 care products says that German cosmetic industry does not keep its promise to phase out microbeads. Its main conclusion is that a European ban needs to be introduced as quickly as possible: not just on PE, but on all microplastics in cosmetics. Read more here. (21 October 2016)

Ireland to follow US and UK by introducing ban on microbeads

Environment Minister Denis Naughten is seeking to introduce a ban on microbeads, according to the Irish Independent. The Irish Green Party introduces next week a Bill to ban microbeads. The Bill is expected to receive cross-party support. (20 October 2016)

Micro plastic washing onto shore with every wave

Every day microplastics are washed onto our beaches' shores. It seems as if the ocean is spitting the plastic back at us! Isn't this ironic