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Protection of seafood one of the reasons to ban microplastics

Call for action in European Union and by UNEP

The Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and Sweden have issued a joint call to ban the microplastics used in personal care products, saying the measure will protect marine ecosystems – and seafood such as mussels – from contamination

UNEP through the Global Partnership on Marine Litter (GPML) is also supporting initiatives such as the "Beat the Microbead" - a phone application that allows consumers to quickly identify personal care products containing microbeads - in its efforts to reduce influx of waste in the marine environment.

The GPML is a voluntary multistakeholder coordination mechanism hosted by UNEP/GPA in which all partners agree to work together to further reduce and better manage marine litter.

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Products DA drugstore are now free from microbeads.

DA drugstore adapted their last product that contained microbeads (footscrub). All their products are now microbead-free. Well done DA.

Microplastic deposits found deep in world's oceans and seas

Study of 12 sites concludes that deep sea sediments are acting as a sink for substantial quantities tiny pieces of plastic.