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Beat the Microbead gains momentum in USA (and Canada)

5Gyres hopes that after Illinois at least one other state in the USA will pass legislation to ban microbeads from care products. This could create a "distribution nightmare" for companies and forces them to replace the plastic microbeads with natural alternatives faster. 

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative - a coalition of Canadian and U.S. mayors from 114 cities along the water bodies - has raised awareness about the microbead problem within their communities, and pushed companies to eliminate them from their products. The coalition asked companies who make products containing microbeads to explore ways to remove the plastic spheres from the water, a task currently believed to be impossible. "We don't have an answer from them, as yet," a spokesman said recently. The Great Lakes coalition isn't considering legal action to hold companies liable.

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Two petitions in Brazil

Associação Brasileira do Lixo Marinho (ABLM) started a petition on Avaaz asking the Brazilian Company O Boticario to stop using microplastics in their exfoliants (O Boticário: Retirem as microesferas de plástico de seus produtos cosméticos). With 1000 signatures ABLM will contact the company directly.

ABLM’s second petition is directed to the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who is UNEP ambassador but who also promotes Oral-B #D white (Gisele Bündchen: Não colabore com a poluição das águas fazendo propaganda da Oral-B 3D White).

Please sign both petitions.


Elmex without microbeads: Colgate Palmolive keeps its promise

Good news about Colgate Palmolive. The Plastic Soup Foundation confirms that products of Colgate Palmolive being sold in the Netherlands do not contain microplastics anymore. This is in accordance with the statement made by Colgate Palmolive that the process to reformulate its products with alternate ingredients will be completed by 2014. Products that still contain microbeads are remaining stock. 


The App Beat the Microbead reading the barcodes of Colgate Palmolive’s products free from microbead shows now code green.