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The Netherlands speak out

The Netherlands are the first country in the world to announce it will be free of microplastics in cosmetics by the end of 2016. The government says that by that time the cosmetics industry will by and large have phased out microplastics. The government is also advocating for a ban on microbeads at EU level

These results are a direct consequence of the Beat the Microbead campaign that was launched in August 2012 by the Plastic Soup Foundation and the Stichting De Noordzee.

Campaign leaders Maria Westerbos and Jeroen Dagevos: “We are delighted with the developments in the Netherlands. We will continue to keep a close eye on the industry make sure it keeps its promises. It concerns the phasing out of all plastic ingredients and the industry uses a wide spectrum of types and sizes of microplastics. There are vastly more ingredients than just the miniscule beads of polyethylene. We will also advocate for a clear definition of plastic microbeads in the European legislation, so that manufacturers won’t be able to find any loopholes that would enable them to continue to use plastic.”

Read the whole article and the announcement of the Dutch government here.

85% of the human-made material ecologist Mark Browne fund in the shoreline were microfibres

85% of the human-made material Ecologist Mark Browne found on the shoreline were microfibers

Toothpaste Pearls & Dents without microbeads

Good news from Germany: one more toothpaste without Micro Beads.