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On World Oceans Day, New UN Report Recommends Ban of Microplastics in Cosmetics

A report released today by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on the occasion of World Oceans Day recommends a precautionary approach toward microplastic management, with an eventual phase-out and ban of their use in personal care products and cosmetics (PCCP).

UN environment agency urges ban of microplastics in cosmetics and personal care products

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), chances are pretty high they are made of tiny plastic beads, and by the time the container is empty, you will have used and poured down the drain as much plastic as the packaging the gel came in.

Johnson & Johnson opposes microbeads bill California

“Across the USA in states like Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon, Johnson & Johnson is working to sabotage microbead bans with a sneaky loophole. By subtly tweaking the definition of a microbead, the loophole would allow companies to replace traditional plastic microbeads with other types of dangerous plastics, like the type used in cigarette filters. Instead of moving to safe, natural alternatives, they want to replace plastic microbeads with more plastic!" Read more and write a letter.