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Questions about US Microbead Ban

Food and Drugs Authority likely will need to issue guidance to clarify exactly what materials are covered by the ban on plastic microbead use in selected personal-care products – i.e., a definition of “plastic” – and what the consequences of a violation could be. The issue could be of particular relevance to companies exploring gray-area replacement materials such as biodegradable PHA.”

In The Rose Sheet-article it is argued that questions remain about whether emerging biopolymers that degrade rapidly in aquatic settings are covered by the US ban. “Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) seem to be an attractive option for replacing conventional micobead plastics.”

The new Beat the Microbead app is available NOW!

Amsterdam, July 2016 - The updated Beat the Microbead app 3.0 is ready for download for Windows, Android and iOS!

Microbeads report reveals loopholes in pledges by biggest firms

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